For the Property Managers

Shain and his team understand that increasing or maintaining security in your tenants’ homes and premises is an extremely important if not, the most important responsibility when keeping your tenants’ homes and premises safe, that's why we make sure we're around when you need us, 24-7.

To re-key or master key, that is the question?

If you are a landlord, property manager or body corporate, then a master key system may be exactly what you need.

When it comes to security, it always comes down to keys. How many keys do you need? Whose job will it be to distribute and manage them? Should your staff have access to all areas? Are there security risks? Answering these questions pertaining to your businesses needs can help you to assess your keying and security requirements.


You don't always need to change the locks.There are instances when purchasing a new investment property or business, where you won’t need to replace the locks. Instead, all you may need to do is to re-key the locks as this will then prevent previous key holders from gaining access. After all, there’s no reason to throw away perfectly good locks when all you need is to re-key them. This will keep the costs low and you can still have all the locks keyed the same to reduce the number of keys being used for similar or the same locks. 

Master key system

A master key system is a hierarchy of keys which allow different groups or individuals to gain access to specifically designated areas of one or more buildings. Simply put, a master keyed lock is designed to be opened by individual keys as well as the master key.

For body corporates, property managers, and large businesses a master key system offers more flexibility than re-keying. 


For the Strata Manager

  • Common Areas?
  • Building Elements? 
  • Apartment units?

Shain's offers locksmithing services for a variety of Strata related needs, including:

We want to make your job easier by offering you, your clients and their tenants the best and most up to date Locksmith products and install them to the highest of standards.


Please don't hesitate in contacting Shain's for a free quote or more on how we can help you with your Property and Strata related needs.