2018 Door Locks for Commercial Buildings

Door Locks for Commerical Buildings

  • Common Areas?
  • Building Elements? 
  • Apartment units?


At Shain’s Local Locksmith we ensure that our Brisbane-based Door Locks:

  • Allow you to meet budget requirements
  • Meet and comply with property security standards 
  • Are heavily researched and tested 
  • Are Durable and long lasting 

We want to make your job easier by offering you, your clients and their tenants the best and most up to date Locksmith products and install them to the highest of standards.


Below are some of our favorite Door Lockpicks for 2018:


Sliding Door Locks - ideal for Patio/ balcony-based areas of the unit

  sliding door

  1. Lockwood Onyx Patio Sliding Door Lock 
  2. Whitco Oxley Sliding Patio Door Lock
  3. Lockwood 8653D Sliding Patio Door Handle


Entrance Door Setup - Every apartment should have equipped on their entrance based-door:

  • A Deadlatch or Deadlock, however, we prefer the more secure method of a deadlatch due to its ability to close the door behind you, or 'self-deadlock itself.

Lockwood 001 Double Cylinder Deadlatch

  • A Door handle lock

Door handle's by Lockwood

  1. Lockwood Symmetry Key in Knob & Key in Lever
  2. Lockwood 530 Series Key in Knob Locksets
  3. Lockwood 930 & 950 Series Key in Lever Locksets


If you would like to know more about how Shain’s Local Locksmith can help you with your Door Lock needs or if you'd like to request a free quote, please contact us today.