How can a locksmith enhance the security of your local business?

Shain and his team understand that increasing or maintaining security in your business is an extremely important if not, the most important responsibility of keeping your business safe and remaining successful.

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How can your local locksmith assist you with the aftermath of a break-in?

Being broken into is a terrible feeling. Your stomach drops and your legs feel funny and as you walk through your business trying to determine what’s missing, you wonder why someone would do this, and why to you. This is you and your family’s income, and going through this alone can be even worse. 
A little later, when it’s all sunk in, you start to look at the locks on your doors and windows, even the quality of your screen doors and alarm systems you have to detirmene the point of entry and any other security floors that may be present. After all, how did the burglars get in and could they do the same thing again?

After the break-in, what is your next step?

Keep in mind, when we are talking about insurance companies, there will inevitably be the small print that could contain a catch or two.  For example, it’s not just which locks you install that will provide you with a potential discount on your policy but whether or not you have to have a locksmith to install them. This is why it is important to contact your insurance company, especially if you are a small business looking to protect your business assets. If you are in a hurry and do not have time to call the insurance company, Shain’s Local Locksmith can give you an itemised receipt for tax and insurance purposes.

Security systems and your local business

Owning a local business, Shain understands the importance of security and how important minimising any loss that can occur is. Installing efficient security systems and assessing their level of security consistently is a sure way to keep burglars out of your business!