We supply, install and repair window locks in Brisbane.

Why you need window locks:

Window lock security is just as important as any door lock you may have. The idea that window locks are less of an issue is exactly what burglars are hoping you’ll think like.

Getting new locks can become a necessity when you move into a new house or when you’re refurbishing your home for a number of reasons. One reason being peace of mind and the other to comply with insurance policies. We install the best and most reputable brands of window locks working quickly to secure your property.

Window Locks Types:

  • Double Hung window Lock / Sash Window
  • Sliding Window Lock
  • Chain Winder Window Lock / Fly Screen Window Winders
  • Casement Window Lock
  • Awning Window Lock
  • Hopper Window Lock
  • Skylight Window Lock
  • Wireless Window Lock

Frame Types:

In addition, we assure our New Window Locks will fit all commonly used Window frames including:

  • Metal/ Aluminium 
  • Timber
  • Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC)  
    • uPVC Window Lock frames feature a low-maintenance material with chemical, solar, water oxidation and general weather resistant benefits.

What are the locks made out of?

Most Window locks are made out of zinc and aluminum metal variations for its anti-corrosive and thermal (heat resistant) properties.

We can also provide New keys for window locks.

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