What is Electronic Access System?

The combination of hardware and software that controls access to entry and exit points of a business or property.

Access Control Systems are the new generation of security technology. As with any new technology, Shain's Local Locksmith are eager to embrace its benefits for businesses and as such can provide installation and advice on the best utilisation of this technology.  

Access control systems provide businesses a secure and viable alternative to physical keys and traditional locks, due to its effective security solutions and access efficiencies in the work environment. They also have the added flexibility of being programmed to individual users.

Benefits of Electronic Access Control Systems?

  • Increased levels of security
  • Multiple card & card reader options depending on the user requirements
  • Reduces key replacement expenses 
  • Removes the ability for keys to be copied or duplicated
  • Improves management of access to your business
  • Ability to collect data on who and when staff are coming, and for how long
  • Can be used for a time clock or payroll system
  • Easy management of staff
  • Can be integrated with other security devices such as CCTV & alarms systems

Access control components | Our Services Range: 

  • Access control panel
    • This item consists of the battery and overall power supply for the system
  • Electromagnetic (EM) Door Lock
    • The EM Door Lock gets installed onto the top of your door frame 
    • The EM is also known as an electric or magnetic strike 
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Reader 
    • The RFID reader is to be wall mounted conveniently on the outside of the entrance wall. Readers detect users who have a compatible device on hand for access.
    • Other types of readers may include:
      • Keypads: users type in an access code
      • Biometric readers: grants access to the basic of body identification, i.e. fingerprint, facial or eye scanning capabilities.
  • Access Card
    • Access control card: hold date on the user and their access rights 
    • Communicate through RFID technology
    • Other types of Access Cards can include:
      • Proximity card reader: user can gain access from a distance 
      • Magnetic swipe card reader: a user has to physically swipe their access card
      • Long range readers: general for vehicle use
      • Key Fobs which are more similar to the access card but has a use as a keychain.

People may also opt-in for Access control software which allows you to manage users, their access rights, and time and attendance tracking capabilities.

A common variation of access cards that you may be familiar with is Smart cards, which generally have additional information attached, such as a debit card.

Application of Electronic Access Systems


Real Estate | High-rise buildings

  • Electronic access systems are a smart, cost-effective solution to managing large residential property spaces. 
  • Multi-tenant buildings have multiple uses for proximity cards whether giving access the buildings car park area, accessing the elevator to different floors or even pool and gym facilities. 
  • Controlling access to property and strata management for routine checks creates a safe way to manage access to the building environment and tenants apartments.

Commercial buildings | Office blocks

  • Effective management of staff coming and going into the work environment 
  • Managing guests 

Entertainment | Hospitality 

  • Electronic access systems make accessing multiple sensitive areas as efficient and easy as possible for small to large busy events. 
  • Ensuring only users with given access can get in and out in a quick and effective manner will reduce access issues from ever occurring. 
  • Examples of such entertainment uses could involve festivals, over 18 areas, special access only areas, and hospitality sensitive areas.
  • Electronic access to Inventory for equipment and other assets can be effectively controlled.

Small business | Residential Security 

  • A home and or small business place you spend a large portion of your time at, and generally contains personal and precious belongings. Upgrade to an electronic access system for extra control and peace of mind today.