Why should I call a qualified locksmith in the event of a lock-out?

When it comes to a lock-out, you should call a qualified, reliable locksmith to minimise the chance of any damage to either the lock or door. So in the long run the only cost you’ll have is the price of the locksmith.

Does Shain's Locksmiths work with both residential and commercial clients?

Yes! Shain’s Local Locksmith Brisbane has worked with thousands of residential and commercial clients. In every case, we provide the best service for your individual requirements. With 21 years’ experience, no job is too big or too small for Shain’s Local Locksmith. We can supply, install and repair most locks for homes or businesses. We can also install CCTV cameras and security systems. We will customise a solution to suit your home or business needs.

What is the advantage of a mobile locksmith?

Shain’s Local Locksmiths have all the tools we need with us at all times. This helps us to provide our clients with fast and efficient services.

Does Shain's Locksmith provide a re-keying service?

Yes, Shain’s Local Locksmith offers re-keying services for businesses that have changed location. You can re-key your locks and have a master key system installed at the same time. If you have moved into a new home you may feel more secure having it re-keyed.

Will my insurance cover locksmith costs?

If you are unsure whether or not your insurance company will reimburse locksmith costs, it is best to contact them first. Typically, if your home or business has not been broken into, insurance companies won’t cover the cost of a locksmith.

However, there are clauses in some insurance policies that offer benefits for people who have installed high-security locks. The reason for this, is that it can provide you with a discount on your premium, over time.