Master key systems: why would I get my locks keyed alike?

The convenience and ease of a master key system can make your business or home safe

Alice, an entrepreneur, is beginning her second business.  Her first start-up went horribly wrong—between her idealistic yet inexperienced idea of how it was going to happen and an employee breaking in and stealing all her work, the business collapsed and she packed it in.

For Alice’s second attempt she was going to be prepared. She took a menial job in the meantime while she figured out how to execute her new business idea. She needed a business strategy, a target audience and a marketing strategy.

Alice also needed security. After the break-in—although technically, according to the police, it wasn’t a break in because he had a key—she was very conscious of staying safe.

In looking for a new office—working from home was not an option, not after the last time—Alice wants somewhere safe, somewhere high, somewhere with cameras. When she found the place and negotiated the price down to something reasonable, Alice wanted to know the quality of the locks. But the realtor said it was on her to sort that out.

If she was working alone it wouldn’t have bothered her too much, but if she were working alone she wouldn’t have needed an office. Alice only knew one of the people who were starting with her; the other two were referrals from friends she trusted. But that didn’t mean she had to trust the two people.
Finding the right locksmith

Alice wasn’t sure where to start. She was on the 23rd floor of a new high-rise in the CBD. What did she need to know vis-à-vis locks on doors and windows? And there were three doors in the office: one to get in, one to what would be her office and another for a supply cupboard. But the realtor had only given her one key: said it was all she needed for all the doors. That was not what Alice wanted. She wanted security. She wanted to be able to have her space and her possessions free from prying eyes and sticky fingers.

There had to be a way to have one key for all the locks but make it so that certain people can only access certain parts of the office.

She’d call a locksmith. That’s what they’re for: and she might ask about installing a safe, and maybe an alarm; if locksmiths do those things.

Alice half-heartedly flicked through Google; it was hard when she wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted. And she couldn’t see herself forking out money to ask a few questions she wasn’t even sure a locksmith could answer.

Making things clear for clients

She came across a website that told her exactly what she needed to know “Free advice and quote.” The message was clear and straightforward, and the number was handy. Also the Locksmith Guild of Australia logo was reassuring.

Inside of a week Alice knew she wanted a master key system to control access to certain parts of the office. The locksmith had explained why a master key system was the best option for her situation and how it could be beneficial when her business grows. With the master key system Alice’s key could access every room and her three employees could access every room except hers.

Locksmith services in Brisbane

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