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Shain’s Local Locksmith

Shains Local Locksmith

Servicing Brisbane and its surrounding areas   Shain’s Local Locksmith is a certified professional locksmith who has been ensuring the safety of businesses and homes in Brisbane, Ipswich and surrounding suburbs for over 20 years. Specialising in commercial and residential projects, providing all types of locks, door hardware, and security…

Renters & Home Buyers Guide to Changing Locks

Renters & Home Buyers Guide to Changing Locks & Rekeying- changing locks on new house -

Are you moving house? See what Shain’s Local Locksmith in Brisbane, Ipswich and on the Gold Coast has to say about securing your new home. When it comes to moving house, regardless of whether you’ve bought or you are renting, there could be a chance that a house key has…

Protect your children – have your window locks assessed

window-locks-brisbane locksmith

A four-year-old child fell from a fifteen storey window in the US over the weekend and passed away from his injuries in hospital. Even though safety measures were allegedly in place, incidents such as these can still occur. The child was visiting the home for a celebration before falling from…

Installing safes in Brisbane homes and the wider community

Installing safes in Brisbane and the wider community

Many businesses find themselves in need of a safe which can keep out criminals and survive the capricious Queensland weather If you are in the market for a safe and aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, Shain’s Local Locksmith can help you acquire the right safe for your…

What’s the Difference between Keyed to Differ, Keyed Alike and Master Keying?


Keyed to differ, keyed alike and master keying are all basic terms used by locksmiths, but what do they mean and what is the difference between the three? Just because you bought a house or an apartment, it doesn’t always mean that you are the only one with keys. It…

How to keep your home safe while you’re on holidays


Is your house safe? When was the last time you assessed the locks on your doors and windows? And how are the screens on those doors and windows? The last thing you want to be worrying about when you go on holidays is the safety of your home. After all,…

Smartphones opening more doors

smartphone unlocking doors

Smart phones acting as keys to your house are growing momentum. While some predictions say smart locks won’t be mass marketed until 2019, that prediction is looking a little conservative with more than half a dozen different smart locks on the market already. None of these products are perfect. As…

Isn’t it frustrating?

looking for an emergency 24hr locksmith? Look no further than Shain's Local Locksmith

We all do dumb things when we’re tired: we say something we’ll later regret, or email someone we probably should have called. Or forget things we normally would not even think about. Like making sure the house is locked before leaving, or buying that first cup of coffee. (more…)

Stay safe these summer holidays

stay safe these summer holidays

Sadly, this is the time of year when break-ins and theft spike According to police reports, January sees an increase in crime. Everything from Break and enters to theft and carjacking increases. While crime in general is dropping, robbery’s down 18% and unlawful entry’s down 19%, it seems January is…

The key to finding the right locksmith

the key to finding the right locksmith

Aren't sure what to look for when hiring a locksmith? Who hasn’t found themselves in an awkward situation where they’ve locked themselves out? Or even more worrying, you’ve fired someone and they’ve taken their set of shop keys with them. In these situations calling a locksmith is the first thing…

Master key systems: why would I get my locks keyed alike?

Master key systems why would I get my locks keyed alike

The convenience and ease of a master key system can make your business or home safe Alice, an entrepreneur, is beginning her second business.  Her first start-up went horribly wrong—between her idealistic yet inexperienced idea of how it was going to happen and an employee breaking in and stealing all…

Locked yourself out? Don’t fret: call a locksmith!

Locked yourself out? Call a locksmith

The frustration of locking yourself out is usually compounded by the fact you’ve got somewhere to be (more…)

How far away are we from having smartphones unlocking our doors?

So smartphones could (literally) unlock doors

Apparently it could happen as early as 2019 The market for smartphones, or at least technology at your fingertips such as smartglasses and smartwatches, is increasing. Apple’s iPhone 6 sold 10 million units in its opening weekend (that’s twice as many as the last version of the iPhone): by the…

Break-ins are rising 10% year on year


Did you know 22% of break-ins in Queensland happen because people leave their doors and windows unlocked In a survey released by the RACQ the number of burglaries in Queensland—while people are at home—has risen from 7% to 33%. Close to a third of all domestic robberies occur because people…

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