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Electronic Access Control Systems - The Growing Demand

Access a whole new level of convenience with electronic access control technology for your space today.

Convenience, control, customise. Hard to believe, but these three capabilities are already available for the taking within the security access industry, especially when the ease of installing an electronic access control system is now quicker and more effective to do than a door lock! 

Demand for RFID access cards and further electronic access technologies are becoming more and more noticeable as the years progress. Access technology is nearing perfection with manufacturing plants now specialising in RFID technology (MR), which is only made possible by the larger and larger shipment orders being made by businesses (Secure Technology Alliance Organisation). Furthermore, consumers consisting not only of large to medium businesses, but now inorporating SMEs and even individual-level consumers are displaying a noticeable interest in access card technology which can be depicted in the graph below.

The hierarchy of access and control

Electronic access control systems embrace scalability by enabling the owner to generate an indefinite amount of access cards for each person requiring access. Beyond this, the owner or ‘system administrator’ can attribute certain levels of access for sensitive areas surrounding a property.

Each access card will have a unique identification number. The ID is what allows the system to determine the level or type of access. This capability enables the system administrator to give an employee specific access rights to the area a person requires for completing a certain task. For example, Shell, a well known petroleum company has issued over 100,000 access cards to their employees worldwide serving as corporate ID badges and provide access to building areas and facilities (Shell Case Study).

Access System's easy of use

The beauty of electronic access systems is their ability for it to be customised to the end-consumers purpose. If you wish to add on features you can! If you just want a basic standalone access control system for general access purposes, you can also have that! This customisation facet also reflects the installation process of such a system. Software-wise, depending on what system you go with and the features you desire, the control and granularity of the system can be set to the owners desires. Tangibly however, the access system generally is as simple as installing a physical door lock itself, and can be completed within minutes depending on the amount of access areas you have.

Not only is electronic access technology simple to be installed, once in-use, you’ll never look back on using physical key-based process again. No touch authentication required (unless you want that), just a simple swipe (magnetic swipe) or range-hold (proximity card) and you’re in the area you need to be!

Data Access and problem identification

As previously mentioned, depending on the level of detail you wish to look at for your access system, you can have various tracking and monitoring functionalities available. However, the most basic and useful features for access cards that track data include the ability to:

  • Display who enters an area and at what time;
  • Identify trends for arrivals and departures of areas; and
  • Monitor act with preventative measures for issues identified - this could be based on alerts being setup.

It’s becoming more and more evident that access cards are now a developed technology embedded in business, and now a somewhat residential way of life for access security needs.

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