What’s the Difference between Keyed to Differ, Keyed Alike and Master Keying?

Keyed to differ, keyed alike and master keying are all basic terms used by locksmiths, but what do they mean and what is the difference between the three?

Just because you bought a house or an apartment, it doesn’t always mean that you are the only one with keys. It is important to consider that there could be other keys around so updating the locks may be necessary to secure your family and contents.

So what kind of lock and key system is best for you?

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What does keyed different or keyed to differ mean?

This is a simple one. Keyed to differ means each lock has its own key. Basically speaking, you can’t use the same key to open a different lock so it is ‘keyed different’. Think of it as your screen door can be unlocked by one key, but the same key can’t unlock the deadlock.

What does keyed alike mean?

In a nut shell, keyed alike means that the locks have the same cut so that any one key with that cut can fit all the locks. For example, imagine that your deadlock key can also open the back door, screen door and veranda. It is very handy if you don’t want your key to double as a musical instrument that weighs a ton and has you all flustered shuffling for keys every time you get home.

What does it take to get keyed alike door locks?

Changing all your locks to be keyed alike is only possible if the locks are all compatible.

“If you want your doors keyed alike, you can test this at home simply by picking a key from one of your doors and inserting it into the different locks. If the key goes in the lock, then that lock can be keyed alike.”

The key doesn’t need to unlock the door to be compatible; it just has to slide into the lock. If it doesn’t slide into the lock then the lock will need to be replaced with one that is compatible in order to be keyed alike.

Understanding the master key system

Similar to keyed alike locks, the master key system uses singular keys to open more than one lock. Unlike keyed alike locks, having a master key system in your home (or work place) can mean restricted access to certain areas.

Say you have a study, bedroom, garage, cabinet, front doors and backdoor and you want to use the same key for all of them but you don’t want your cleaner to be able to access your study, bedroom or the cabinet. By implementing a master key system to your home, you can restrict access to these areas so that their key will only work in the locks that you want them to have access to.

The same system is perfect for a work environment as well. By minimising the number of keys that you have, you can save valuable time and rest assured that your privacy is secured through a systemised and controlled locking system.

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