5 Ways To Secure Your Home

We are fast approaching the summer holidays, which is for most of us a time to relax and wind down from the year that was. However exciting this seasonal time is for many, information from the Bureau of crime statistics and research indicates that crime rates spike on average more than any other time during the summer seasons.

In addition, a report from the Australian Institute of Criminology further found that individuals are MORE likely to be the victim of theft or burglary within their homes than any other type of crime. These statistics can be worrying and detract from what should be a time of celebrations and enjoyment.

According to the DUMA project (Drug Use Monitoring in Australia) and the survey they conducted on past criminals, they were asked what deterrents would affect them from breaking into family homes. The following deterrents were a result of their top responses in order from most concerning to them:

Protect your family home

  • A dog's presence 
  • Working alarm system
  • Lights inside the house
  • Grilled window and or doors
  • An unknown area
  • Visibility of property from road
  • Sensor lights
  • Gates

From the above information and our own experience we suggest the following 5 ways to Secure your home or business this holiday period:

  1. Avoid having your valuable items in view.
  2. Install a security alarm with an external light
  3. Keep doors and windows locked—even when you’re home
  4. Install a security screen as a secondary entrance requirement.
  5. Buy a dog! It makes a great Christmas gift and helps to protect your family and home.
guard dog




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