Stay safe these summer holidays

Sadly, this is the time of year when break-ins and theft spike

According to police reports, January sees an increase in crime. Everything from Break and enters to theft and carjacking increases. While crime, in general, is dropping, robbery’s down 18% and unlawful entry’s down 19%, it seems January is when break-ins rise.

Here are 4 ways to stay safe these summer holidays:

  1. Keep doors and windows locked—even when you’re home
  2. Keep valuables out of sight
  3. If you’re going away these holidays, organise for your mail to be held by Australia Post
  4. Install a security alarm with an external light

22% of break-ins happen in Queensland because doors and windows are left unlocked. According to a New Australian Institute of Criminology report it can take 2 minutes to break into a home. And the average burglary does not last more than ten minutes. People have been broken into while they were asleep because they left doors and windows unlocked.

Stay safe with Shain’s Local Locksmith

Whether you need door or window locks, new screen doors or alarms installed Shain’s Local Locksmith can help you. We also do safe sales and installations for those valuables you do not want to risk losing.

How secure are your locks?

If you are unsure about the quality of the locks on your doors and windows, especially if you’re about to go on holidays, call Shain’s Local Locksmith today. We offer a free advice and quote to help provide you with the best service.

Shain’s Local Locksmith offers a wide range of locksmith services. Including 24/7 emergency locksmith services. And when we say 24/7 we mean it—just check-out the review on our Facebook page that testifies to our commitment to customers.

But we really want to emphasise the importance of keeping your doors locked even if you are at home. Better that then finding out someone’s been in and stolen items precious to you.

If you would like to know more or to request a free quote, please contact us today.