QLD Window Lock Safety Regulation

Recent changes in NSW legislation for the mandatory implementation of window locking devices have been set into effect this month (March 2018).

How can changes in NSW legislation for ‘Window Lock Safety’ affect QLD legislation?

It’s imperative that relative industry participants (businesses) familiarise themselves with legislative changes that directly affect their line of work, in order to effectively support such changes. For Locksmiths, this means reviewing alterations and additions to laws around lock and safety provisions. For Strata and Property Managers this means contacting your local locksmith for advice on how to implement these changes.

It is also important to take notice of OTHER states legislation and their changes relating to YOUR industry, as it is more likely that your own state (QLD), having not made the same changes ‘YET’, will turn to that state's legislation (namely NSW) for how well their framework has operated, and be influenced by it, and adjust their existing or new law(s) to reflect a similar structure.

It is likely that Queensland laws will in the near future follow onwards from NSW ‘Window Lock’ legislation changes.


Recap of the New legislative requirements for Strata Window Safety: 

  • What are the changes?
    • Strata Buildings in NSW are required to have fitted window devices that allow the window to be locked at 12.5cm.
  • When is the legislation in effect from?
    • NOW: March 2018.
  • Why is it being implemented?
    • These changes are being made in response to a large number of critical injuries and even fatalities around children falling from windows.
  • How will it affect you?
    • As an owner of the property that has children residing in it, you must provide and install these window devices. 
  • How does the window device work?
    • If the Window Device is activated it will prevent the window from opening completely. It will also provide an option to be turned off and allow the Window to then be opened and closed completely.


What should you be doing NOW for Window Safety?

Current Queensland Guidelines around Window Safety suggest the following:

  • Most common reasons children fall from windows:
    • Furniture being placed below openable windows;
    • Failure of flyscreens in protecting window openings;
    • Non-safety grade glass (often in older buildings where this requirement didn’t apply at the time)
  • Be aware that if you own, or manage a relatively ‘old Queenslander styled house or unit’ that they are the most susceptible to poor window safety implementation due to:
    • Having elevated windows that are openable;
    • Non-safety grade glass and;
    • Are lacking a form of screen protection, barrier, and or Window Device.
  • Windows with a 2m or > drop and or window openings with <1.7m above the floor should have window protection. 
  • Suggested prevention methods for windows:
    • Using a form of locking device or stopper that restricts the window opening;
    • A Security Screen with secure fittings;
    • A metal mesh barrier is required if the drop is >4m to the surface below.
    • Having a child-resistant release mechanism if the screen or device can be unlocked or removed.
  • In addition, looking at Building Design, where rooms may be used by children, should avoid larger openable windows and be replaced with a higher positioned louver-type window. Louver styled windows are relatively similar to shutters with horizontal slats that are angled to admit light and air.


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