Protect your children – have your window locks assessed

A four-year-old child fell from a fifteen storey window in the US and passed away from his injuries in hospital.

Even though safety measures were allegedly in place, incidents such as these can still occur. The child was visiting the home for a celebration before falling from the 15 storey window.

Reports reveal that it is still not clear how the child fell. The police have said that the child accidentally pushed through the window screen – even though the apartment building had allegedly been fitted with safety locks only a few years before that restrict the window from opening wide enough for children to fall.

According to a neighbour, residents have been known to disengage their locks to allow a breeze to flow through the apartments during the warmer months.

Are your windows child-friendly?

Remember, it doesn’t take a 15 storey fall to seriously injure a little one (or an adult). According to a statement released by Anne Williams, of Women and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo (US), “you can fall two feet and still have a head injury.” Anne runs a program called “Safe Start” aimed at educating parents about baby-proofing the house and protecting children from window falls.

Keep your children safe by assessing the following risks:

  • Furniture placed under windows

Consider the following nightmare; your child is curious to see what’s going on outside… They climb on the bed, lean against the fly screen and fall straight through it.

According to Anne, a common cause for window related injuries is furniture placement. Take a look through your home and check the layout of your furniture. If you have a few tables or dressers set up in front of windows then you may want to reshuffle for the safety of your child.

  • Windows with no locks or left unlocked

Do you have locks on your windows? Do you use them? Shain’s Local Locksmith can assess the integrity of your window locks and provide advice on how best to ensure the safety of your family.

Have your locks assessed by a locksmith and consider investing in security screens

While having your window locks assessed, we may recommend that you invest in security screens as well. Not only can this help to protect your children from accidental falls but this can protect your home and contents at the same time. Shain and his team of experienced locksmiths also offer security screens as a service to help secure homes.

It isn’t just about your family. Window safety could protect the lives of your guest’s children as well.

By having your security screens and locks installed by Shain’s Local Locksmith, you can potentially save lives. At Shain’s Local Locksmith, our main priorities are safety and security.

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