Locked-out? Isn’t it frustrating...

We all do dumb things when we’re tired: we say something we’ll later regret, or email someone we probably should have called. Or forget things we normally would not even think about. Like making sure the house is locked before leaving, or buying that first cup of coffee.

Then fatigue sets in. And with it a forgetfulness that leads to frustration. It’s frustrating how easily we find ourselves making stupid mistakes when the fatigue sets in.

Actions we take for granted suddenly slip through the fatigue. Like getting halfway home only to remember you didn’t lock the office and you’ve got to go back. And then, when you finally do get home, you slam the car door shut in relief the day’s over. Only to see the key chain still dangling by the steering wheel.

Then it’s just you and your frustration. You know this is bad but your brain is fried. The day was long, and no matter how much work you fed your computer it demanded more and more.

Unconsciously you go for your phone. Only to grab at air. Then you see it. Lying on the passenger seat. No phone, no keys. You feel naked. Frustrated. The keys are right there and yet so very, very far away.

Running your fingers through your hair, you exhale and look skyward. At this point there’s not much you can do. You can’t get inside and you can’t call anyone. The day’s fatigue feels worse, and you’re hungry, your feet hurt and your head hurts.

But there’s a solution, at least that’s what you tell yourself, there’s always a solution.

What to do in an emergency

Normally, you’d grab your phone go online and find a locksmith. However, that option is closed to you. So what do you do? You can barely remember a time pre-smartphone. And your tired mind just wants to go inside, eat and vegetate in front of the TV.

Normally, you don’t talk with your neighbours. Not because you’re antisocial you just aren’t a talkative person—especially not after a long day.

Normally, however, you aren’t so thoughtless as to lock your keys in the car.

Finding the solution

Isn’t it frustrating when life throws curveballs?

You decide to bite the bullet and go ask your neighbours if you can borrow their phone. Looking longingly at your phone and your keys, you step away from your car and go see if your neighbours are home.

The first house is empty.

The second house is for sale.

You go across the road, and the young mum cheerfully invites you in and lets you use the phone. She laughs when you ask if she’s got the yellow pages. And lets you use the internet.

Finding the right locksmith

You don’t spend long looking. A quick google search for “emergency locksmith Brisbane” gives you enough results. You find one you like and call the mobile number.

Even though by now it’s almost 7 o’clock, a bright friendly voice answers the phone and assures you he’ll be out in 20 minutes. You thank your neighbour and go stand by your car.

When you get there, you don’t so much stand by your car as you slump dejectedly onto the bonnet. All you can do is wait; and hope the locksmith knows what he is doing. All you can do is curse yourself for the mistake and peer eagerly at the road waiting for the locksmith to arrive.

When the Ute pulls up, you feel relief.

Shain’s Local Locksmith

As a 24 hour locksmith, Shain’s local locksmith offers emergency locksmith services in Brisbane. We pride ourselves on getting to clients as quickly as possible and have you back in your house or care without damage to the locks, doors or windows.

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