Just Moved? You need to rekey, here’s why.

If you have just relocated to an apartment, or house and have been handed a pair of keys, don't think you are the only one with that set.

There are many reasons for there to be multiple sets of those keys in different hands.

For example:

  • The previous owner or rentee may have loaned a key out to someone - an ex-partner, friend, or family member;
  • They may have also lost a couple key sets during their stay.
  • Don’t rely on the real estate agency or owner to of rekeyed the locks before you move in, this can be a common issue.
  • A  concealed, or unknown past break-in.
  • The apartment complex may have a master key - a key to all doors, which is common for builders to have in order to gain easy access into work environments.

Here is where rekeying comes into play. Rekeying enables the locksmith to update the old locks with a new key instead of replacing the entire lock. This is done by opening up the lock cylinder and replacing the pins and springs, giving the key a new combination.

Rekeying is therefore a quick and cost-effective process for those who care about securing their private environment.

Remember to rekey is key when moving! It will ensure you have the only set to your home and give you peace of mind knowing that only you have access.

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