Break-ins are rising 10% year on year

Did you know 22% of break-ins in Queensland happen because people leave their doors and windows unlocked

In a survey released by the RACQ the number of burglaries in Queensland—while people are at home—has risen from 7% to 33%. Close to a third of all domestic robberies occur because people do not lock their doors or windows. 16% occur because people don’t lock their front door and another 6% because people do not lock their windows. According to the RACQ the two biggest point of entries for thieves are:

  • Window forced open (40%)
  • Door forced open (38%)

With the right security screens and locks for your doors and windows you can help to prevent thieves pilfering your valuables. Another important thing is to always keep your doors and windows locked. And do not make the mistake of thinking that a balcony or high windows are safe. If a thief is determined enough they will try and find any way in.
Shain’s Local Locksmith offers a comprehensive range of window and door locks as well as security screens and alarms

When assessing the safety of your home or business, it is always important to look at the quality of the locks and screens.  There is little point having high-quality locks if the security screen can be easily slashed open with a Stanley knife. With a combination of strong, durable quality security screens and locks you have a better chance of deterring thieves.  To improve security, why not install a wireless alarm system. The advantage of a wireless alarm system is thieves cannot cut the power and render the alarm redundant.
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