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For the Stata Managers

You don’t always need to change the locks. There are cases when moving into a new home, apartment or business space, where you won’t need to replace the locks. Especially if they are good quality locks. Instead, all you may need to do is to re-key the locks. After all, there’s no reason to throw away perfectly good locks when all you need is to re-key them. This will keep the costs low and you can still have all the locks keyed the same to reduce the number of keys being used for similar or the same locks.


Some people like to unify their locks to one key to save confusion by having too many keys on a key ring. It may also be handy for owners of rental property, joint owners of a single property or body corporate organisations that need to have a master key for access to multiple locks within a building or buildings. They can be arranged to meet the needs of rental property owners, businesses, and homeowners.

Locksmiths attend many properties after a burglary where there was no forced entry – it’s more common than you think. In these cases, it’s a safe bet an older key or copy was used to enter – you’d be surprised how common it is.

Whether it’s a flat or house or business, there may be keys out there that you don’t know about in the hands of old residents, tenants, cleaners, maintenance people or old staff. If you've been there for many years you might not even remember who you’ve given a key to over the years – or who may have had access to your keys to copy them.

Even if you get the keys back from previous owners or occupants, there’s a chance they’ve been duplicated. You can usually copy a key for under $10, and it’s a quick process for someone motivated, typical rekey jobs are when old tenants move out and new ones move in.

If you give your locks a fresh start with your new property you’ll have full control over who has keys; something some insurance companies are now requiring in order to offer you full coverage for your home and contents.